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The Faculty of Science offers a new Ph.D. degree programme

We are constantly evolving and finding new ways for education to thrive in our region, while allowing foreign students and researchers to join our community as well.

The Faculty of Science just opened a brand-new programme called Geographies of Transformations. This study programme develops our understanding of transformations of geographical systems to address challenges of socio-environmental development at various institutional scales and in different regional contexts. It is accredited in English.

What is also new is a possibility to study all of our programmes for free even in English (and one of the programmes in German). This was always possible in the Czech language, but we removed the fees even from the programmes accredited in foreign languages.

That should definitely motivate you to apply as soon as you can! Contact our staff responsible for international recruitment if you are interested in additional information.

The Faculty of Science also prepared some additional information about their programme for potential candidates. It is available here.