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Opportunities for Ukrainian students

Acceptance of Ukrainian Students to short-term study stays at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem

Short-term study stays for Ukrainian students are available in the following fields of study:

  • Bachelor degree – design, fine art, music education in education, physical education and sports, Czech language and literature for education, English language and literature for education, applied informatics, biology, geography, mathematics in business and public administration, computer modelling in science and technology, documentation of historical memorials, history, cultural history, philosophy, political science, foundations of humanities, environmental protection, applied geoinformatics, engineering, energetics, economics and management, regional development and public administration, social policy and social work
  • Master degree – design, fine art, applied informatics, applied nanotechnology, biology, geography, computer modelling in science and technology, history, political science, humanities, ecology and environmental protection, engineering, energetics, economics and public sector management, regional development and public administration
  • Doctoral degree – visual communication, applied nanotechnology, geographies of transformation, computer modelling in science and technology, ecology and environmental protection, engineering technology

Before arrival, students will:

After arrival, students will:

  • visit the External Relations Department (oddělení pro vnější vztahy) – office number 1.12, first floor, Rector´s office building at Campus;
  • get the student card;
  • be accommodated in the university dormitories, if his/her application for accommodation is confirmed (there is a limited amount of places at the university dormitories);
  • get a scholarship from his/her faculty.


All information about visas and the residence policy in the territory of the Czech Republic for Ukrainian citizens can be found here.