10 reasons why to study at UJEP

1. A good ticket to the job market

Each year, the University pro­du­ces 2,000 gra­dua­tes who – in the very most instan­ces – either suc­ce­ed in ente­ring the labour mar­ket, or make the­ir way to higher level uni­ver­si­ty stu­dies. The cer­ta­in­ty of a per­specti­ve pla­ce­ment is offe­red by all facul­ties of the University which – in abso­lu­te con­curren­ce – nur­tu­re the sha­ping of a favou­ra­ble pro­fi­le of a UJEP gra­dua­te, name­ly both in terms of his or her futu­re ful­fil­ment in the pro­blem area stu­died, and in terms of his or her fle­xi­bi­li­ty. All UJEP gra­dua­tes are more­o­ver pro­vi­ded with a Diploma Supplement, pro­vi­ding for a transpa­rent and uni­fied acknowled­ge­ment of uni­ver­si­ty and pro­fes­si­o­nal qua­li­fi­cati­ons within EU coun­tries, and faci­li­ta­ting the­ir ent­ry onto European labour market.

2. Dozens of study programmes and combinations

The offer of nume­rous stu­dy oppor­tu­ni­ties avai­la­ble at UJEP com­pri­ses the stu­dy of tech­ni­cal, natu­ral-scien­ti­fic, envi­ron­men­tal, eco­no­mic, social-science, medi­cal pro­gra­m­mes, of the tea­ching pro­fes­si­on, and of art work. In terms of stu­dy acces­si­bi­li­ty it holds true that one is five fields of stu­dy is offe­red as a com­bi­ned (distan­ce) form of lear­ning, thus being sui­table for appli­cants hol­ding a job.
Applicants may cho­o­se from either a sin­gle- or dual-sub­ject stu­dy pro­gram. Coming up with sin­gle-sub­ject stu­dy cour­ses, the University ser­ves the inte­rests of tho­se who wish to get pro­fes­si­o­nally more pro­foundly spe­ci­a­li­sed. By con­trast, throu­gh its offer of dual-sub­ject stu­dy pro­gra­m­mes the uni­ver­si­ty add­res­ses appli­cants showing a wider sco­pe of inte­rest, or wishing – after gra­duati­on – to have an enhan­ced chan­ce of fin­ding a pro­per post.

3. A way to all levels of university education – a chance for talents

The fai­r­ly rich spectrum of stu­dy spe­ci­a­li­sati­ons gua­ran­te­es that both appli­cants pre­ferring the craft-ori­en­ted bache­lor stu­dies, and tho­se with ambi­ti­ons to achie­ve a Master´s or doc­to­ral level of uni­ver­si­ty edu­cati­on may find satis­facti­on. It name­ly is throu­gh the offer of doc­to­ral stu­dies in are­as such as, e.g., engi­nee­ring tech­no­lo­gies or com­pu­ter methods, that the University kee­ps attracting even very talen­ted stu­dents; for these, UJEP incre­a­sin­g­ly beco­mes a way towards pres­ti­gi­ous ful­fil­ment in are­as of science, research and deve­lo­p­ment, or in top manage­ment of domes­tic and fore­ign companies.

4. Room for creative exploration and personal pursuit

Entering the University, the stu­dent gets access to the hot­test insi­ghts and to the use the­re­of. It goes without say­ing that University tui­ti­on is clo­se­ly lin­ked with the scien­ti­fic, research or art acti­vi­ties of rele­vant facul­ties and/or the Institute, and that it pro­vi­des stu­dents with the rare oppor­tu­ni­ty to open­ly dis­cuss issu­es with high-pro­fi­le scien­tists, artists, tutors from both the Czech Republic and abroad, to get invol­ved in explo­rati­on teams, and to learn to throw first-rate pre­sen­tati­ons of the results of the­ir cre­a­ti­ve activity.
Students eager to learn, dis­co­ver, cre­a­te, and deve­lop, have access to thou­sands of expert pub­li­cati­ons and to nume­rous electro­nic infor­mati­on resour­ces in the University Research Library; ope­ned to them are stu­dy halls, labs with cut­ting-edge equi­p­ment, stu­di­os and other hin­ter­land of respecti­ve depart­ments; last but not least, extra­or­di­na­ry grant stipends/scholarships are announ­ced for them to obta­in. The best ones who suc­ce­ed in pre­sen­ting the pro­fes­si­o­nal results in renow­ned maga­zi­nes or make it into pres­ti­gi­ous art con­tests, are annu­ally bes­towed with Rectrix Awards.

5. Linking theoretical studies with practice

A sig­ni­fi­cant link inter­con­necting the stu­dies with practi­ce is seen as the pri­o­ri­ty of all UJEP facul­ties. In craft-ori­en­ted stu­dy pro­grams, pro­fes­si­o­nal practi­ce and stu­dy trips con­sti­tu­te a natu­ral com­po­nent of the stu­dies. As a major suspensi­on bridge lin­king the stu­dies and practi­ce, bache­lor and diplo­ma theses current­ly act, being dra­wn from the requi­re­ments of busi­ness estab­lishments, small and medi­um-sized com­pa­nies, sta­te-owned and non-sta­te insti­tu­ti­ons and organisations.
As an exam­ple, the bache­lor thesis of Markéta Hejkalová, the best Year 2007 bache­lor thesis with eco­no­mic ori­en­tati­on, may ser­ve in that the sub­ject mat­ter the­re­of – the uti­li­sati­on of sta­te-of-the-art trends in the pro­cess of sta­ff moti­vati­on and remu­ne­rati­on – had been pro­ces­sed direct­ly under the con­di­ti­ons of AGC Flat Glass Czech joint-stock company.

6. Spending one term abroad a commonplace

Rationalisation is one of UJEP´s pri­o­ri­ties. Hundreds of UJEP stu­dents have spent one or more terms on dozens of uni­ver­si­ties all over Europe and/or over­se­as. Up to ten­th of stu­dents have managed to rece­i­ve part of the­ir instructi­on at fore­ign universities.
With ERASMUS+ finan­cial sup­port, stu­dents can cross into the out­si­de world from as ear­ly as the second year of the­ir stu­dies. Apart from a one-term of two-term stu­dy stay, they can more­o­ver under­ta­ke a seve­ral mon­ths´ practi­cal work pla­ce­ment in a fore­ign com­pa­ny, tra­i­ning or research cen­ter, or in some other orga­ni­sati­on. This year, UJEP stu­dents can cho­o­se from a total of 200 con­tractu­al fore­ign uni­ver­si­ties sea­ted in 26 coun­tries of Europe. Every year, avai­la­ble are about 200 pla­ce­ments for any and all stu­dents of UJEP(!)

7. The generous stipend/scholarship programme – our pride

The total amount of finan­cial means going to edu­cati­on main­te­nan­ce allowan­ces had rea­ched 68 mil­li­on CZK(!)
Of that, 22,8 mil­li­on CZK went to accom­mo­dati­on sti­pends, 17,6 mil­li­on CZK to fore­ign mobi­li­ty, 1,7 mil­li­on CZK to the soci­ally nee­dy stu­dents, 3 mil­li­on CZK went to merit stipends/scholarships, 5,8 mil­li­on CZK to stu­dents in doc­to­ral pro­gra­m­mes, and 14,3 mil­li­on went to extra­or­di­na­ry stipends/scholarships.
Further, the University´s best stu­dents obta­in one-shot sti­pends gran­ted by the Mayor of Ústí nad Labem, by may­ors of respecti­ve muni­ci­pal dis­t­ricts, by the Mayoress of Trmice muni­ci­pa­li­ty, by the Statutory city of Teplice, by the Economic and Social Council of the Ústí regi­on, by the direc­tor of VZP Health Insurer regi­o­nal branch, by the direc­tor of ZPMV CR Health Insurer branch of Ústí nad Labem and Hradec Králové.

8. Accommodation stipends among the highest in the Czech Republic

UJEP paid to stu­dents, who are eli­gi­ble for an accom­mo­dati­on sti­pen­di­um up to 900 CZK per mon­th, which is an amount pla­cing the University among top Czech uni­ver­si­ties. The sti­pend is paid out sub­ject to the avai­la­bi­li­ty of the pla­ce of stu­dy from the student´s per­ma­nent abo­de, i.e. not sub­ject to the type of accom­mo­dati­on the stu­dent opts for (Residential Hall, pri­va­te lod­ging faci­li­ty, or own flat).

9. Residential Hall with Internet connection available to everyone

The University dis­po­ses of suf­fi­ci­ent spa­ce for stu­dents in Residential Halls. Every year, appli­cati­ons of all stu­dents reques­ting accom­mo­dati­on in Residential Halls are satis­fied. Even tho­se pre­ferring to resi­de in pri­va­te typi­cally have no pro­blem to rent -in the hun­dred-thou­sand town of Ústí nad Labem – a room at a rea­so­na­ble pri­ce. A com­mon­pla­ce stan­dard for tho­se enjoy­ing accom­mo­dati­on in Residential Halls is Internet acces­si­bi­li­ty and Internet con­necti­on on each room with the stu­dent pay­ing the elect­ri­ci­ty bill only. Available for stu­dents sta­y­ing in Residential Halls are more­o­ver non-stop Internet stu­dy halls.

10. Worthwhile leisure options

In this day and age, resi­den­tial halls offer more than just a pla­ce to stay over­ni­ght; they have beco­me cen­ters of a num­ber of stu­dent acti­vi­ties. Available on resi­den­tial hall pre­mi­ses are pla­y­ing fields, ten­nis courts, a gym (free of cost in eve­ning hours) and the Academic Club hos­ting con­certs, dis­cos, and social gathe­rings. Students can more­o­ver use the Sports Arena. Upon regis­trati­on with USK Slavie, they are wel­co­me to go in for a num­ber of sports per­for­med within the respecti­ve sports clubs such as aero­bics, bas­ket­ball, beach volley­ball, flo­or­ball, alpi­nism, body­bu­il­ding, rhy­thmic and artis­tic gym­nastics, etc. As an alter­na­ti­ve opti­on, stu­dents may attend fit­ness. In the České mlá­de­že pre­mi­ses, the Aula Film Club kee­ps put­ting on movies, and acti­ve par­ti­ci­pati­on in cul­tu­ral acti­vi­ties may be found in musi­cal ensem­bles such as cho­irs, instru­men­tal ensem­bles, bands, etc.
Some more opti­ons for spen­ding lei­su­re time are avai­la­ble in Ústí nad Labem muni­ci­pa­li­ty. These inclu­de, e.g., the swi­m­ming pool, the­a­t­res, movies, science lib­ra­ry, etc., and the hin­ter­land of the pictu­re­sque coun­try­si­de of the Bohemian Mid-Mountain Range and of the Ore Mountains (with cycle networks, moun­ta­i­nee­ring and skiing terra­ins, and other options).