10 reasons why to study at UJEP

1. A good ticket to the job market

Each year, the Uni­ver­sity pro­duces 2,000 gradu­ates who — in the very most instances — either suc­ceed in enter­ing the labour mar­ket, or make their way to high­er level uni­ver­sity stud­ies. The cer­tainty of a per­spect­ive place­ment is offered by all fac­ulties of the Uni­ver­sity which – in abso­lute con­cur­rence – nur­ture the shap­ing of a favour­able pro­file of a UJEP gradu­ate, namely both in terms of his or her future ful­fil­ment in the prob­lem area stud­ied, and in terms of his or her flex­ib­il­ity. All UJEP gradu­ates are moreover provided with a Dip­loma Sup­ple­ment, provid­ing for a trans­par­ent and uni­fied acknow­ledge­ment of uni­ver­sity and pro­fes­sion­al qual­i­fic­a­tions with­in EU coun­tries, and facil­it­at­ing their entry onto European labour mar­ket.

2. Dozens of study programmes and combinations

The offer of numer­ous study oppor­tun­it­ies avail­able at UJEP com­prises the study of tech­nic­al, nat­ur­al-sci­entif­ic, envir­on­ment­al, eco­nom­ic, social-sci­ence, med­ic­al pro­grammes, of the teach­ing pro­fes­sion, and of art work. In terms of study access­ib­il­ity it holds true that one is five fields of study is offered as a com­bined (dis­tance) form of learn­ing, thus being suit­able for applic­ants hold­ing a job.
Applic­ants may choose from either a single- or dual-sub­ject study pro­gram. Com­ing up with single-sub­ject study courses, the Uni­ver­sity serves the interests of those who wish to get pro­fes­sion­ally more pro­foundly spe­cial­ised. By con­trast, through its offer of dual-sub­ject study pro­grammes the uni­ver­sity addresses applic­ants show­ing a wider scope of interest, or wish­ing – after gradu­ation – to have an enhanced chance of find­ing a prop­er post.

3. A way to all levels of university education – a chance for talents

The fairly rich spec­trum of study spe­cial­isa­tions guar­an­tees that both applic­ants pre­fer­ring the craft-ori­ented bach­el­or stud­ies, and those with ambi­tions to achieve a Master´s or doc­tor­al level of uni­ver­sity edu­ca­tion may find sat­is­fac­tion. It namely is through the offer of doc­tor­al stud­ies in areas such as, e.g., engin­eer­ing tech­no­lo­gies or com­puter meth­ods, that the Uni­ver­sity keeps attract­ing even very tal­en­ted stu­dents; for these, UJEP increas­ingly becomes a way towards pres­ti­gi­ous ful­fil­ment in areas of sci­ence, research and devel­op­ment, or in top man­age­ment of domest­ic and for­eign com­pan­ies.

4. Room for creative exploration and personal pursuit

Enter­ing the Uni­ver­sity, the stu­dent gets access to the hot­test insights and to the use there­of. It goes without say­ing that Uni­ver­sity tuition is closely linked with the sci­entif­ic, research or art activ­it­ies of rel­ev­ant fac­ulties and/or the Insti­tute, and that it provides stu­dents with the rare oppor­tun­ity to openly dis­cuss issues with high-pro­file sci­ent­ists, artists, tutors from both the Czech Repub­lic and abroad, to get involved in explor­a­tion teams, and to learn to throw first-rate present­a­tions of the res­ults of their cre­at­ive activ­ity.
Stu­dents eager to learn, dis­cov­er, cre­ate, and devel­op, have access to thou­sands of expert pub­lic­a­tions and to numer­ous elec­tron­ic inform­a­tion resources in the Uni­ver­sity Research Lib­rary; opened to them are study halls, labs with cut­ting-edge equip­ment, stu­di­os and oth­er hin­ter­land of respect­ive depart­ments; last but not least, extraordin­ary grant stipends/scholarships are announced for them to obtain. The best ones who suc­ceed in present­ing the pro­fes­sion­al res­ults in renowned magazines or make it into pres­ti­gi­ous art con­tests, are annu­ally bestowed with Rect­rix Awards.

5. Linking theoretical studies with practice

A sig­ni­fic­ant link inter­con­nect­ing the stud­ies with prac­tice is seen as the pri­or­ity of all UJEP fac­ulties. In craft-ori­ented study pro­grams, pro­fes­sion­al prac­tice and study trips con­sti­tute a nat­ur­al com­pon­ent of the stud­ies. As a major sus­pen­sion bridge link­ing the stud­ies and prac­tice, bach­el­or and dip­loma theses cur­rently act, being drawn from the require­ments of busi­ness estab­lish­ments, small and medi­um-sized com­pan­ies, state-owned and non-state insti­tu­tions and organ­isa­tions.
As an example, the bach­el­or thes­is of Markéta Hejkalová, the best Year 2007 bach­el­or thes­is with eco­nom­ic ori­ent­a­tion, may serve in that the sub­ject mat­ter there­of – the util­isa­tion of state-of-the-art trends in the pro­cess of staff motiv­a­tion and remu­ner­a­tion – had been pro­cessed dir­ectly under the con­di­tions of AGC Flat Glass Czech joint-stock com­pany.

6. Spending one term abroad a commonplace

Ration­al­isa­tion is one of UJEP´s pri­or­it­ies. Hun­dreds of UJEP stu­dents have spent one or more terms on dozens of uni­ver­sit­ies all over Europe and/or over­seas. Up to tenth of stu­dents have man­aged to receive part of their instruc­tion at for­eign uni­ver­sit­ies.
With ERASMUS+ fin­an­cial sup­port, stu­dents can cross into the out­side world from as early as the second year of their stud­ies. Apart from a one-term of two-term study stay, they can moreover under­take a sev­er­al months´ prac­tic­al work place­ment in a for­eign com­pany, train­ing or research cen­ter, or in some oth­er organ­isa­tion. This year, UJEP stu­dents can choose from a total of 200 con­trac­tu­al for­eign uni­ver­sit­ies seated in 26 coun­tries of Europe. Every year, avail­able are about 200 place­ments for any and all stu­dents of UJEP(!)

7. The generous stipend/scholarship programme – our pride

The total amount of fin­an­cial means going to edu­ca­tion main­ten­ance allow­ances had reached 68 mil­lion CZK(!)
Of that, 22,8 mil­lion CZK went to accom­mod­a­tion sti­pends, 17,6 mil­lion CZK to for­eign mobil­ity, 1,7 mil­lion CZK to the socially needy stu­dents, 3 mil­lion CZK went to mer­it stipends/scholarships, 5,8 mil­lion CZK to stu­dents in doc­tor­al pro­grammes, and 14,3 mil­lion went to extraordin­ary stipends/scholarships.
Fur­ther, the University´s best stu­dents obtain one-shot sti­pends gran­ted by the May­or of Ústí nad Labem, by may­ors of respect­ive muni­cip­al dis­tricts, by the Mayor­ess of Trmice muni­cip­al­ity, by the Stat­utory city of Tep­lice, by the Eco­nom­ic and Social Coun­cil of the Ústí region, by the dir­ect­or of VZP Health Insurer region­al branch, by the dir­ect­or of ZPMV CR Health Insurer branch of Ústí nad Labem and Hradec Králové.

8. Accommodation stipends among the highest in the Czech Republic

UJEP paid to stu­dents, who are eli­gible for an accom­mod­a­tion sti­pen­di­um up to 900 CZK per month, which is an amount pla­cing the Uni­ver­sity among top Czech uni­ver­sit­ies. The sti­pend is paid out sub­ject to the avail­ab­il­ity of the place of study from the student´s per­man­ent abode, i.e. not sub­ject to the type of accom­mod­a­tion the stu­dent opts for (Res­id­en­tial Hall, private lodging facil­ity, or own flat).

9. Residential Hall with Internet connection available to everyone

The Uni­ver­sity dis­poses of suf­fi­cient space for stu­dents in Res­id­en­tial Halls. Every year, applic­a­tions of all stu­dents request­ing accom­mod­a­tion in Res­id­en­tial Halls are sat­is­fied. Even those pre­fer­ring to reside in private typ­ic­ally have no prob­lem to rent ‑in the hun­dred-thou­sand town of Ústí nad Labem – a room at a reas­on­able price. A com­mon­place stand­ard for those enjoy­ing accom­mod­a­tion in Res­id­en­tial Halls is Inter­net access­ib­il­ity and Inter­net con­nec­tion on each room with the stu­dent pay­ing the elec­tri­city bill only. Avail­able for stu­dents stay­ing in Res­id­en­tial Halls are moreover non-stop Inter­net study halls.

10. Worthwhile leisure options

In this day and age, res­id­en­tial halls offer more than just a place to stay overnight; they have become cen­ters of a num­ber of stu­dent activ­it­ies. Avail­able on res­id­en­tial hall premises are play­ing fields, ten­nis courts, a gym (free of cost in even­ing hours) and the Aca­dem­ic Club host­ing con­certs, dis­cos, and social gath­er­ings. Stu­dents can moreover use the Sports Arena. Upon regis­tra­tion with USK Slavie, they are wel­come to go in for a num­ber of sports per­formed with­in the respect­ive sports clubs such as aer­obics, bas­ket­ball, beach vol­ley­ball, floorball, alpin­ism, body­build­ing, rhythmic and artist­ic gym­nastics, etc. As an altern­at­ive option, stu­dents may attend fit­ness. In the České mládeže premises, the Aula Film Club keeps put­ting on movies, and act­ive par­ti­cip­a­tion in cul­tur­al activ­it­ies may be found in music­al ensembles such as choirs, instru­ment­al ensembles, bands, etc.
Some more options for spend­ing leis­ure time are avail­able in Ústí nad Labem muni­cip­al­ity. These include, e.g., the swim­ming pool, theatres, movies, sci­ence lib­rary, etc., and the hin­ter­land of the pic­tur­esque coun­tryside of the Bohemi­an Mid-Moun­tain Range and of the Ore Moun­tains (with cycle net­works, moun­tain­eer­ing and ski­ing ter­rains, and oth­er options).