HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers)

JEPU received the prestigious HR Excellence in Research Award (HR Award) from the European Commission on 3 June 2019. This certificate increases the overall prestige and makes our university more attractive to foreign scientists and researchers.

Benefit HR Award for JEPU

  • international attractiveness and visibility
  • links with a Europe-wide network of research organizations
  • increase the attractiveness of addressing researchers from abroad
  • benefits in obtaining funding for research from European and domestic research support programs (Technology Agency, Horizon 2020, etc.)

Benefits HR Award for researchers

  • guarantee of a European standard of employee care
  • ensuring open and transparent recruitment and a research committee
  • focusing on the professional growth of researchers at the beginning of their careers and supporting the personal development of all employees
  • creation of conditions for attractive cooperation in the field of research and development at JEPU
  • emphasis on continuous improvement of the working environment
  • deepening the partnership between researchers and the university

1.       AWARD PROCESS 2017-2019
JEPU subscribed to the principles enshrined in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (the Charter and the Code) in November 2017. The aim of the university was to obtain the HR Award granted by the European Commission to research institutions implementing the HRS4R (The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) strategy based on the 40 principles of the Charter and the Code.
During 2018, a GAP analysis was prepared, which compared the current practice at the university with the Charter and the Code. The analysis also included a questionnaire survey among R1-R4 researchers at the university. Subsequently, the  Action Plan at JEPU (hereinafter AP) was prepared for the procedure of implementation of measures aimed at fulfilling the principles enshrined in the Charter and the Code for the years 2019-2020.
All documentation was sent to the evaluators of the European Commission in March 2019, and based on their evaluation, JEPU became a proud holder of the HR Award on June 3, 2019, thus becoming one of the most prestigious scientific institutions in Europe. At that time, it became only the fourth university in the Czech Republic to receive this award as a whole.
Outputs of this period (initiation phase):
·         GAP analysis 2018
·        Questionnaire survey 2018
·         Action plan UJEP 2019-2020

At the beginning of 2019, the Rector of JEPU issued a Decision on the establishment of commissions (Evaluation and Implementation Commissions), which monitor this process and supervise this process throughout the implementation of HRS4R. The way they work is shown in this diagram.
During 2019 and 2020, the actions of the first AP at JEPU were implemented according to their schedules.
In 1Q2021, the implementation of the HRS4R process at JEPU for this first implementation period was evaluated and two key documents in this area were created, the source of which is the principles of the Charter and the Code: OTM-R policy (Open and transparent recruitment and selection of scientists, research and development staff at JEPU) and Methodology for the Rules of the Tender at UJEP (within the action No. 2 AP).
Outputs of this period (implementation phase):
•          UJEP Action Plan 2019-2020 – evaluation of performance
•          UJEP Action Plan 2021-2023
•          OTM-R policy

The internal evaluation of the implementation in the form of the “Interim Assessment” report will be sent for evaluation to the Commissioners from the European Commission at the beginning of June 2021. It includes the updated AP at JEPU for the years 2021-2023 and the OTM-R policy.
On 31 July 2021, JEPU received an Evaluation Report from the European Commission (Implementation Phase Interim Assessment- EC Consesus Report) with a decision to keep the HR Award for another three years and with an approval of the proposed Action plan 2021-2023.
However, as early as 2Q2021, the AP at JEPU will be implemented according to the approved schedule and the entire process will again be monitored and controlled by established commissions. Commissioners of the European Commission will visit JEPU in the autumn of 2024 and they will report a comprehensive evaluation of HRS4R policy implementation at our university.

Outputs of this period (implementation phase): EC Consesus Report

The implementation of HRS4R takes place within the project OP RDE U21- Quality research and development for competitiveness (U21-KVAK, CZ.02.2.69 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_028 / 0006240), the key activity of which is two to set the strategic management of the research organization in accordance with the conditions to receive the HR Award.

Further information on HRS4R at JEPU will be provided by:
Mgr. Bohumila Vykoukova
development and quality departmenttel
tel: ++ 420 475 286 367

PhDr. Jaroslav Zukerstein, Ph.D.
Vice-Rector for Development and Quality