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HRS4R/HR Award

11th of March, European Commission issued recommendation for clients states of EU, regarding two strategic documents: Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The goal of accepting listed general principles is to develop an open, attractive and united job market for researchers within European research area.
To implement 40 principles of Charter and Code (C and C), European Commission issued The Strategy of Human Resources for researchers in year 2008. In the Czech Republic, policy of human resources management in the field of science and research was supported by Ministry of Education within the Operational program called Research, development and education, call – Development of capacities for research and development. Our university connected to this programme via project U21 – Quality research and development for competitiveness (U21- KVAK, CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_028/0006240), with its key activity No.2 – setting up strategic management of research organization in coherence with principles C and C.

Process of HRS4R on JEPU
Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem has signed up to principles based in European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers by the declaration of rector in November 2017. By doing so JEPU is one of the universities in  the Czech Republic that intents to join more than 400 universities in Europe that already gained the “HR Excellence in Research”.
During the preparation phase in year 2018 working group processed an internal GAP analysis, where are noticed outputs of survey among researchers and study of internal JEPU documents. Its goal was to monitor and state current situation on JEPU due to 40 Charter and Code principles. In coherence with gained data the Action Plane for period 2019 – 2020 was processed in September 2018.
In June 2018, European Commission (EC) launched an electronic portal Euraxess that is the only way now how to apply for the award. In July 2019 JEPU  received  an updated “Endorsement of the Charter and Code principles”. In November 2018, Gap analysis and Action Plan were sent for evaluation by European Commission. 6th of December 2018 we were informed that all received documents passed through the first check “Administrative Eligibility” and they were provided to foreign evaluators.
For effective process of HRS4R implementation into JEPU’s environment and fulfilling targets of individual actions of the Action Plan, rector in January 2019 released Decision about  establishment of committees (Implementation and Evaluation Committees) in Czech and English that  provides way of work and duties of both committees.  Information flow is presented here. Each action of AP has its own focus group consisting from researchers of different experience level. Members of each focus group have been appointed and these teams could be modified according the needs of implementation HRS4R process.
7th of March 2019 EC sent us Initial Assessment- Consensus Report with a label “Minor modifications”. Working group (members of Evaluation Committee) in cooperation with Steering Committee processed a revised application. There was provided feedback and explanation about the changes introduced in response to the experts comments. JEPU sent resubmission of all documents 6th May 2019 and is waiting for the final re-assessment.

Benefits of HRS4R for JEPU
Among the expected benefits of HRS4R implementation JEPU includes: increasing of prestige and attractiveness of university for researchers, increasing of human resources care quality, connection with Europe-wide net of research organizations, better position in TA CR,  HORIZON2020 programmes etc.
Process of HRS4R implementation on J. E. Purkyně University is directed by members of management with the leading role of rector, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Martin Balej, Ph.D.
Further information will be provided by Bohumila Vykouková MSc., project manager, contact: +420 475 28 6 353,  .

Further information about HRS4R process.