Kosovo – University of Prishtina

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility
Higher education students and staff mobility between Programme and Partner Countries

Coordinator: Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem (UJEP)
Partner: University of Prishtina (UP)
Project No.: 2019‐1‐CZ01‐KA107‐060279
Project period: 1. 8. 2019 – 31. 7. 2022





Planned mobilities:

a) Kosovo → the Czech Republic

  • 8 students – 5 months per a student
  • 4 teachers – 14 days including travel per a teacher
  • 2 staff members – 7 days including travel per a staff member

b) the Czech Republic → Kosovo

  • 2 teachers – 7 days including travel per a teacher


Realized mobilities:

a) Kosovo → the Czech Republic

  • 9 study stays
  • 3 teaching stays
  • 4 trainings

b) the Czech Republic → Kosovo

  • 5 teaching stays


All the mobility activities were beneficial for the individual participants, the universities involved and the local environment. During their study stays, the students gained further expertise in their field, experienced a different education system and new teaching methods, and improved their language skills. The knowledge and experience gained in a completely different environment contributed to their personal growth and increased their value and competitiveness on the labour market. Teaching stays of academic staff led to the acquisition of new knowledge useful in teaching at home universities and to the expansion of professional contacts. Part of the teaching stays of UP academic staff at UJEP was also monitoring of the students who were studying at UJEP at that time. During the training, UP employees gained new knowledge in their field of study, which they can apply to their work activities at UP. The study of foreign students and lectures by UP academics at the UJEP contributed to the creation of a multicultural environment at the UJEP and thus had an impact on members of the academic community who did not participate directly in the mobilities. The activities of foreign students in the academic environment of UJEP also motivates other UJEP students to join the activities of the volunteer organisation Erasmus Student Network Ústí nad Labem (hereinafter referred to as ESN Usti), which helps improve the quality of services provided to foreign mobility participants. All types of mobilities have contributed to creating a multicultural environment at the two participating universities, to spreading their reputation, to learning about other cultures and to gaining a wider awareness of the countries and cities involved. The added value of some of the staff mobilities was the negotiation of cooperation in the field of science and research. Last but not least, the mobility participants had the opportunity to get to know the culture of the other country, which contributed to deepening mutual understanding between the countries. The project focused on mobilities between the programme and partner countries within the Erasmus+ programme contributed significantly to the implementation of the strategy of both institutions involved in the field of international cooperation, to the deepening of cooperation between UJEP and the partner university, and also showed new ways in which foreign mobilities can be implemented. Both universities involved have expressed interest in further cooperation based on the experience gained in this project.