The support of young research employees – “PostDocs”

To support the sustainable development of the personnel experts in the educational and creative activity, there will be 10 positions of young research employees (“postdocs”) created from the 1st of January 2019 until the 31st of December 2020.

A young research employee is defined as an absolvent of the accredited doctoral study programmer and the period from obtaining the Ph.D. title has not surpassed 4 years.

The appointing of the post-doctoral position by successful candidates is realised based on the selection procedure through the university that is based on the decision of the Selection Committee and approved  criteria

Science areas:

  • technical and natural science
  • humanities and social
  • the Art

Postdoctorands JEPU 2019-2020

  • Jaromír Cais, MSc., Ph.D., Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Jan Novotný, Ph.D., Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Marian Beneš, MSc., Ph.D., QEP, Faculty of Art and Design
  • Jiří Henych, MSc., Ph.D., Faculty of Environment
  • Barbora Řebíková, MSc., Ph.D., Faculty of Arts
  • Táňa Šimková, MSc., Ph.D., Faculty of Arts
  • Jana Chrásková, MSc., Ph.D., Faculty of Health Studies