Study programmes and courses

Course Catalogue

You can find a basic descrip­tion of all study pro­grammes and fields of study offered at UJEP includ­ing stand­ard study plans in on-line Course Cata­logue here.

Study pro­grammes taught in Eng­lish are avail­able here.

Grading system

ECTS Grade ECTS defin­i­tion Loc­al Grade Loc­al defin­i­tion
A excel­lent 1 výborně (excel­lent)
B very good 2 velmi dobře (very good)
C good 2 velmi dobře (very good)
D sat­is­fact­ory 3 dobře (good)
E suf­fi­cient 3 dobře (good)
F, FX fail 4 nevyhověl/a (fail)

R — před­mět splněn (sat­is­fact­ory com­ple­tion of course, no grade)

You will find inform­a­tion about the grad­ing sys­tem of UJEP also here.