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Course Catalogue

You can find a basic descrip­ti­on of all stu­dy pro­gra­m­mes and fields of stu­dy offe­red at UJEP inclu­ding stan­dard stu­dy plans in on-line Course Catalogue here.

Study pro­gra­m­mes tau­ght in English are avai­la­ble here.

Grading system

ECTS Grade ECTS defi­ni­ti­on Local Grade Local defi­ni­ti­on
A excellent 1 výbor­ně (excellent)
B very good 2 vel­mi dob­ře (very good)
C good 2 vel­mi dob­ře (very good)
D satis­fac­to­ry 3 dob­ře (good)
E suf­fi­ci­ent 3 dob­ře (good)
F, FX fail 4 nevyhověl/a (fail)

R – před­mět spl­něn (satis­fac­to­ry com­ple­ti­on of cour­se, no grade)

You will find infor­mati­on about the gra­ding sys­tem of UJEP also here.

Courses taught in foreign languages in the academic year 2017/18