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The support of the science and research projects

This area focuses on the support of the creative activity projects with a currently high demand of the problematic solution and with the current reflection of new findings into the education process and the teaching in the corresponding study programmes

The period for the solving of the grant is defined from the 1st of January 2019 to the 31st of December 2020.

The main grant researcher (the applicant) is the JEPU’s employee that is employed at 1.0 or at 0.8% or higher in employment. The integral part of the researcher’s team must be at least 2 students (without any regards to the form or type of study).

When evaluating the grant’s suggestion, the following criteria will be assessed:

  • the scientific value , the topicality and the originality of the project
  • the processing of the project’s suggestion, and the actuality of the goals’ solutions
  • the concept and the methodology of the solution
  • the adequacy of the financial costs
  • the publication activities of the researcher’s team up to now
  • the planned outputs of the project
  • the interfaculty cooperation

The suggestions are submitted in the term given by the Regulation and in a written as well as electronic form to the hands of the employee of the IGA.

The evaluation and suggestion selection on the support of the internal grant according to the Article 2, Paragraph 2, Letter a) is entrusted to the Grant’s Committee of JEPU.

The final decision about the support of the internal grant of the creative activity is published by the rector of JEPU.