We welcome everyone to the new academic year!

Dear students,

I would like to welcome you all to UJEP. I feel really happy that the pandemic situation around us has improved so much that we are able to see and meet each other in person and college education takes its original and best form, which is face-to-face. Even so, the conditions around us, while not the best, still has me thankful for all your responsible behavior and compliance with COVID-19 regulations. believe personal contact between students and teachers is an essential aspect of college life, and we will do our best to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Thank you all for your help.

What will be new in this academic year?

Students of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Environment will be able to see inside their new building (CPTO). The House of Art will be open to all artists right next to the college dormitories. There will be a new building finished in a few months for those interested in technology on our campus, and those from the Faculty of Health Studies will have their own building soon (start of next academic year) inside the Masaryk hospital complex.

Of course, there is also a new university canteen. Bon appétit!

We hope you are all enjoying the university life at our (still new) campus. 

Stay safe, healthy, and never forget that WE ALL MAKE THE UNIVERSITY WHOLE and a very special place.

Your rector, Martin Balej