Gender Equality Plan (GEP) at UJEP

What is the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) and why does UJEP need it?

The GEP is a tool for systematically addressing gender equality. It will contribute to raising awareness of the topic of gender equality at UJEP and to improving the corporate culture in this area (e.g. reconciliation of personal (family) and professional life, equal pay, career development, further development and training, gender representation in work positions, communication and relations in the workplace).
This is also a document required by Horizon Europe that applicant institutions must have implemented from 2022 – it is an applicant eligibility criterion.

UJEP Equal Opportunities Plan 2023-2025

When will UJEP have its own GEP?
A gender audit will take place at UJEP between January and March 2022. This will be carried out by an external company, the Gender Information Centre NORA, o.p.s. The UJEP GEP will be presented by the end of April 2022.

How will the preparation of the GEP at UJEP take place?
The gender audit will take place in several phases:
▪ Collection and content analysis of UJEP documents
▪ Questionnaire survey
▪ Individual and group interviews

How to get involved in the preparations and what is expected from UJEP employees?
In order to map the situation and needs of female and male employees in this area as accurately as possible, you can respond to the questionnaire survey that will take place between 21 February and 13 March 2022.
You can sign up for individual or group interviews – they will take place at UJEP from 22 to 24 March 2022.
You can contribute any suggestions or ideas to the development of the GEP or to the topic of gender equality at UJEP.

Who is coordinating the GEP at UJEP?
The preparation of all documents, cooperation with the Gender Information Centre NORA, o.p.s., communication with faculties and all other activities related to the audit and preparation of the GEP are coordinated by the Staff Department of the UJEP.

Who to contact with questions about the GEP or gender audit at UJEP?
To the Head of the Staff Department Ing. Zdenka Černá (; 475 286 311) or to Mgr. Hana Galiová from the Project Service Centre (; 702 232 442).

Where can I find more information?
On the NCC website – Gender and Science
Gender Information Centre NORA, o.p.s.
Horizon Europe