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Action plan JEPU for 2019 – 2020

Processing of the Action Plan

Working group designed  Action Plan for JEPU 2019 – 2020  in September 2018 that was based on the results from the GAP analysis of JEPU. This draft of AP was approved by the Steering Committee of HRS4R (management of JEPU) as a priority for upcoming term. In November 2018 was  AP sent together with all templates of processed analysis via electronic portal Euraxess for assessment to European Commission in November 2018.

Initial assessment

In March 2019, JEPU received the Initial Assessment – EC Consesus Report. Working group under the leadership of vice-rector for research processed recommendations of experts.
In April 2019, modified Action Plan of JEPU 2019-2020 was approved by Steering Committee.  6th May 2019 was updated Action Plan sent for reassessment together with other required documents  and brief commentary via electronic portal to EC. This resubmission was accompanied with explanations about the changes introduced in the response to the Initial Assessment of foreign assessors.