The Students’ grant competition (SGC)

The aim of this support is to involve students into research and development projects with a currently high demand of the problematic solution and with the current reflection of new findings into the education process and the teaching in the corresponding study programmes.

The projects may be submitted by a PhD student or JEPU’s employee. If the applicant is a student, their supervisor has to be a member of the team. The students must form at least a half of the team. To be a part of the team it is compulsory to complete a master degree. The proposals for the support of the student grants are submitted on a prescribed form.

The minimum duration of the project is 1 year and maximum 3 years. The maximum budget for one project is 500,000 CZK. Students personal expenses must make more than 60% of all personal expenses.

The principles and rules of  SGC are precisely defined in the current Rector’s Directive No. 5/2018.

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Person responsible: Mr. Hanuš Petržílka
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