GAP Analysis 2018

GAP Analysis process

As a part of this ana­lys­is a ques­tion­naire sur­vey was con­duc­ted in June 2018 and there were engaged all cat­egor­ies of research­ers (R1- R4). Out­puts from this sur­vey are avail­able here.
Next part of the GAP ana­lys­is con­sisted of study­ing of intern­al doc­u­ments that apply to C and C prin­ciples. Work­ing group con­sist­ing from a lay­wer, an intern­al aud­it­or, HR Man­ager and a Pro­ject man­ager focused on these doc­u­ments : Stat­ute of JEPU, The reg­u­la­tions of the selec­tion pro­ceed­ings for all cat­egor­ies of research­ers at JEPURules for doc­tor­al study pro­grams, Eth­ic­al Code of JEPU, SR 4/2018- Eth­ics Com­mit­tee pro­ced­ure of JEPU, PR 3/2014- Staff Reg­u­la­tion (after login into our intern­al inform­a­tion­al sys­tem), SR 10/2016- Career reg­u­la­tion of JEPU employ­ees ( after login into our intern­al inform­a­tion­al sys­tem).
In Septem­ber 2018 were pro­cessed three doc­u­ments (tem­plates) of GAP ana­lys­is – pro­cess, GAP ana­lys­is – over­view and OTM‑R Check­list. Based on this data was designed Action Plan of JEPU for 2019- 2020.
An intern­al out­come of Gap ana­lys­is at JEPU is the pro­cessed mater­i­al of work­ing group that reflect cur­rent state of ful­filling 40 prin­ciples of C and C and the OTM‑R prin­ciples (open, trans­par­ent and mer­it-based recruit­ment). This mater­i­al includes  detailed res­ults of ques­tion­naire sur­vey and detailed data about intern­al doc­u­ments of JEPU.

Initial Assessment

At the start of March 2019, JEPU gained an Ini­tial Assess­ment – EC Con­se­sus Report and coordin­a­tion team, under the lead­er­ship of vice rect­or for sci­ence, star­ted to pro­cess com­ments on this doc­u­ment. It was mainly about more detailed and deep­er inform­a­tion about out­puts of the sur­vey and more detailed descrip­tions and impacts of planned actions included in Action Plan JEPU for 2019- 2020.
We are aware, that there is still enough space for improve­ment in ful­filling the OTM‑R policy. We take this issue as a pri­or­ity for this first peri­od of imple­ment­a­tion there­fore we out­war­ded  action No.2 (Update of the intern­al norm: The reg­u­la­tions of the selec­tion pro­ceed­ings for all cat­egor­ies of research­ers at JEPU). This action will be sup­ple­men­ted by tran­ings, work­shops and oth­er ini­ti­at­ives for pro­cessing the imple­ment­a­tion.