How to apply

Foreign students from partner higher education institutions interested in studying at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem (UJEP) should fill in the following documents:

Online Application

Online Application, available here where the Learning Agreement (see the document below) is generated. You can choose subjects from the lists available here or here, if you don´t  find any of chosen subjects in the online application, you can additionally add it to your Learning Agreement (or fill it in hard-copy). If you need help, you can see the instructions on filling here.

The online application is open for winter semesters from March 15th and summer semesters from September 1st.

Transcript of Records

Transcript of Records (list of courses passed and confirmed by your home university).

Student’s card application

Complete online Student´s card application enabling UJEP students to get an access to all university premises, discount on public transport season ticket, library membership, canteen meals and other facilities.


All students applying for admission to the Faculty of Art and Design are obliged to provide their portfolio (examples of their works related to the studio or work experience in electronic format, preferably in PDF, JPG, AVI or QuickTime formats). Portfolio should be sent together with their university application.

Language report

All incoming students are asked to send a language report certifying their knowledge of language of instruction (English, German) together with their applications. The level of language has to correspond to the minimum level agreed in the interinstitutional agreement between universities.


Application form for accommodation (see the document below) in the UJEP dormitories if applicable – you will find more information here.

Czech language course

The Czech language course is organized twice a year, in September before the winter semester, and in February for summer semester.

Application for the intensive Czech language course (see the document below) if applicable.

Vaccination – Faculty of Health Studies

International students of all study programs and forms of study at the Faculty of Health Studies must demonstrate full protection against viral hepatitis B before commencing their studies/practice/internship.

Full protection against viral hepatitis B is considered to be:

  • complete vaccination against viral hepatitis B with three doses of vaccine according to the regular schedule (the applicant has been vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule in his/her country of origin, where this vaccination is compulsory in childhood)
  •  sufficient HbsAg antibodies in excess of 10IU/litre (the applicant has been vaccinated but e.g. abroad according to a different vaccination schedule or has been vaccinated and has no vaccination record)
  • proven history of viral hepatitis B (the applicant shall provide a medical record showing evidence of viral hepatitis B).

The student must prove the complete vaccination before the start of his/her mobility by an e-mail to the Department of Science and External Relations of the Faculty of Health Studies at UJEP to the hands of the Faculty Coordinator of the Erasmus+ program Ing. Helena Kovalová (). This is a mandatory condition for starting the study/practice/internship.

General instructions

All documents must be scanned and sent at or in print at:
Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem
External Relations Department
Pasteurova 1
400 96 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic

Deadlines for applicants

  • fall/winter term:
    May 15th for students from non-EU countries
    June 15th for students from EU and EEA countries
  • spring/summer term:
    November 1st for students from non-EU countries
    December 1st for students from EU and EEA countries

The Jan Evangelista Purkyně University accepts students within two weeks after the start of the semester at each faculty.


Further information