Presenting in English

8. února 2022
úterý – přednáška on line

Název: “ Presenting in English”
Přednášející: Dr. Russell Ó Ríagáin

Studenti se v rámci workshopu seznámí se základy prezentace, uspořádání a obsahu prezentace a vytvoření abstraktu v anglicky mluvících zemích.

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FSI: Stanislava Prošková Zindulková;

PřF: Ing. Michaela Bobková;

FŽP: Petra Kroupová Hailová;

FF: Mgr. Michaela Koumarová;

FUD: MgA. Adéla Machová Ph.D.;

PF: Radka Ryglová;

FSE: Bc. Lenka Petláková;


This workshop will provide an introduction to presenting research outputs in English-language venues. It will cover all of the key elements: the basics of presenting, the layout and content of a presentation, and producing an abstract.

About the workshop leader

The seminar leader, Dr Russell Ó Ríagáin, is currently a researcher at the Department of Geography, Queen’s University Belfast. A graduate of the National University of Ireland, Galway (BA in history and archaeology; diploma in Irish), University College Dublin (higher diploma in sociology), and the University of Cambridge (MPhil and PhD in archaeology), he has taught at the University of Cambridge, Tsinghua University (Beijing), University of Heidelberg, and University of Bremen. An experienced academic with over a dozen publications, over thirty conference presentations and nine conferences organised, he is also a very experienced academic editor, having served as editor-in-chief of two journals (Archaeological Review from Cambridge and Human Figurations) managing editor for one journal (Journal of Transcultural Studies) and two book series, , and has worked as a freelance academic copy editor for over twenty years on 26 books and almost 200 articles, ranging from medicine and molecular biology to economics, sociology and literature.

Requirements for participation

Please bring a 300-word abstract for a conference paper based on your own research, written in English and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style, Seventeenth Edition. Any form of English orthography may be used (i.e. US English, UK English) so long as it is consistently adhered to throughout. Scholars from all fields of research are welcome, as the workshop is applicable to all disciplines. A level of English according to CEFRL C1 and above will be assumed for the participants.

Content of workshop

Part 1: Introduction

–        Introducing the participants

–        Class exercise

Part 2: Presenting

–        Conferences, invited lectures, class presentations

–        Online versus in-person presenting

–        Academic writing tips

–        Presenting a paper: General presentation tips

–        Presenting a paper: The opening section

–        Presenting a paper: The research section

Part 3: Abstracts and proposals

–        What is an abstract/proposal?

–        Impressions management

–        Elements of a good abstract

–        Dos

–        Do nots

–        Judging abstracts from the organiser’s perspective

–        Elevator pitches and taxi pitches

Part 4: Speed conferencing

–        Class exercise (you will need your pre-prepared abstract for this)

–        Analysis of class exercise

Part 5: Conclusions, questions and answers


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